a Global Astrology Mapping, and Report Writer

Use the toolbars to quickly accomplish the following tasks,
Standard Windows Toolbar:
Standard Windows Toolbar
New Map Document, Printing,
Context Sensitive Help.
Zoom Toolbar:
Zoom Toolbar
Map Percentage Zoom, with Quick Preset Location Display,
Zoom Down, Zoom Normal Size, Zoom Up,
Zoom Previous, Zoom Window
Chart Database Toolbar:
Chart Database Toolbar
Open a Chart Record Database,
Select Chart Data.
Map/Chart Display Toolbar:
Map/Chart Display Toolbar
Quick display for Chart Map Type,
Display a Map Chart, Delete a Map Chart,
Show Natal Chart Data, Generate Locational Report,
Toggle Lat/Long Grid.
Dynamic Map Line Display Toolbar:
Dynamic Map Line Display Toolbar
Selectively Display Individual Lines,
Move Up / Down Line List,
Toggle Thicker Lines.

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15 March 2003