a Global Astrology Mapping, and Report Writer


Locality Map, displaying a Right Click PopUp Menu for the Selected - Highlighted Ascendant Locality Line:


Selected Ascendant Line Right Click Option

Locality Map, displaying the Dynamic Map Line Display Toolbar, and one Locality Line set:


Dynamic Map Line Toolbar

Geodetic Map, displaying MH and IC Lines, with a simple map Background displayed:



Chart Data Input Dialog:


Chart Input Dialog

Chart Input Dialog, Celestial Objects To Map Option Dialog:


Planets To Map Option Dialog

Natal Chart Data Listing Window:


Natal Chart Data

Program Preferences, Color Settings No. 1 Dialog Page:



Program Preferences, Color Settings No. 2 Dialog Page:



Program Preferences, File Locations and Map Window Settings Dialog Page:


File Locations Dialog

Program Preferences, Loaded Chart Data Default and Base Location Dialog Page:


Default Loaded Chart Data Dialog

Program Preferences, Printing, and Report Options Dialog Page:


Printing and Report Options Dialog

World City Database Search / Select Dialog Page:







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15 April 2003